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Local woman victim of kidnapping after home invasion.
By NCSO - Pahrump Press Release
Feb 28, 2007, 11:57

Jeremiah Michael Hare (suspect)
Jenna Lee Tedford (victim)

****updated information as of 02/28/2007 at 1641 hours.****

Thus far we have located the female victim, Jennie, walking on foot in the area of Kellogg and Oakridge. Furthermore, she is in good health. The suspect is still at large, however, investigation is continuing. He was last seen in the area of Elizabeth and Thousandaire (in Pahrump) on foot, wearing a blue shirt and brown shorts.

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On 2/27/07 deputies responded to the Court Yard Apartments on Dandelion where a domestic disturbance had been called in.

Upon their arrival the deputies discovered that the front door of the apartment had been kicked in, as had the upstairs bedroom door. The tenant of the apartment was a witness to the occurrence and said that the suspect (identified as Jeremy Hare) had kicked in the front door without even knocking, stormed upstairs where he kicked in Tedford’s locked bedroom door. The tenant (Kalani Price) told officers she heard Hare yelling at his girlfriend (Jennie Tedford) where he then appeared pulling Tedford down the stairs and out of the apartment. Price said that when Hare kicked in the front door she ran to the downstairs bedroom to protect the children (one of which was Tedfords 3 month old daughter) that were in there. Price reported that Hare pulled Tedford to a white Toyota Tundra extended cab pickup truck and forced her to get inside. Price was unable to get a license plate. An unknown older white male was the driver of the vehicle. The vehicle left the scene prior to the Deputies arrival. The search started with all available NCSO personnel and continued through the night.

Hare, has a violent history (towards the general public as well as officers) including weapons violations and should be considered dangerous.

Use caution and contact local authorities if you have information or come into contact with Hare.

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